Why Apply

Absolutely No Fees!


We are 100% free for the job seeker, even if we are successful in placing you.  And if you are placed, we will never take anything out of your paycheck. 

Exclusive Openings


Some employers only recruit through us and some have such confidential searches that we can't perform outside recruiting. We rely upon our database of already screened applicants.

100% Confidential and Discrete


 We respect your right to privacy and will not contact you at work or use your current employer for a reference without your permission. 

No Exclusivity Agreement


 We are rooting for you to be successful in your job search, which is why we have no problem being just one of many tools in your job searching tool kit. While we’d love to be the ones who help you succeed in your search, we encourage you to use any means available to forward your search on your own. 

Find jobs that fit your situation


We make sure to ask about your preferences and availability so that we can match you up with a position that meets your unique situation. We fill full- and part-time, temporary and direct-hire positions, and a full range of shifts. 

Temporary Employee Benefits


 We take care of all of our employees, which is why our temporary employees are eligible for health benefits, holiday pay, evaluation bonuses, and longevity bonuses. We pay for all of these benefits out of our pocket to ensure that, regardless of where you are placed, all of our employees are treated well and rewarded for their hard work. 


Here it from our staff ...

"Don’t wait until you need a job! Our services are for both the unemployed and the underemployed. I don’t think everyone realizes that we fill jobs that range from temporary labor work to permanent, CEO-level positions and everything in between. But we can’t consider you officially for those jobs until you’ve gone through our whole screening process, so it’s best to do that before your dream job is posted so that you can be ready to go the moment it opens up." - Bailey Shooner, HR Manager


"We are a staffing agency that wants to see the growth, success, and joy in our community. Career Connections could potentially be a catapult in the right direction for an applicant. Not every interview that someone has will land them a job but all directions forward will better prepare you for what is to come." - Miranda Wood, HR Specialist

"Applicants that have the best outcomes with our office apply frequently, stay positive, respond quickly to our communication, and are descriptive and honest about what they want out of a job. We seek to partner with you on your job search." - Kristi Kinnard, General Manager